Datong Museum; Wang Limin ed: PINGCHENG WENWU JINGCUI: DATONG SHI BOWUGUAN GUANCANG JINGPIN LU. (Cultural Treasures from Pingcheng: A Record of Treasures in Datong Museum). Nanjing, 2016. 221 pp. full page colour plates throughout. 29x21 cm. Boards.
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Well-illustrated survey of the Datong Museum collection. The highlights are the Northern Wei material (when Datong was the capital and known as Pingcheng) and the Liao and Jin material. Fine Buddhist sculpture and ceramics from these periods, together with other material from across the dynasties. Of especial note are seven examples of small Northern Wei glass objects and extraordinary applique gold cups with foreign influence. Much previously-unpublished material. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Sculpture Art
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