Dunhuang Institute for Cultural Relics: TONKO BAKUKO KUTSU 1-5. The Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang. Grotto Art of China / Chugoku Sekkutsu. Tokyo, 1980-82. Each volume ca. 275 pp. with ca. 175 illustrations in colour. Part 5 comprises 2 volumes. 6 vols. 31x22 cm. Cloth, slipcase.
GBP 350.00
A fine visual survey of the Buddhist caves at Dunhuang. All of the grottoes along with their painting and sculpture are shown accompanied by a very detailed text. Excellent colour plates. Five parts in six physical volumes (Part 5 has two volumes). 26 pages at the end of the second volume of Volume 5 give a table of contents and list of plates to all volumes in English. Main text in Japanese.
Subjects: Dunhuang
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