Datong Northern Dynasties Art Research Institute ed: BEICHAO YISHU YANJIUYUAN CANGPIN TULU: QINGTONGQI TAOCIQI MUZANG BIHUA. (Catalogue of the Collections of the Northern Dynasties Art Research Institute: Bronzes Ceramics and Tomb Murals). Beijing, 2016. 191 pp. Full page colour plates throughout. One foldout. 30x23 cm. Cloth.
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A selection of Northern Dynasties period bronzes, ceramics and tomb murals held in the collection of the Datong Northern Dynasties Art Research Institute in China. Datong was the capital of the Northern Wei dynasty and the majority of the examples shown date from this period or other kingdoms from the time. The bronzes are interesting as are the tomb murals but the tomb pottery is mediocre as is typical of this period. Well-illustrated and in Chinese. It seems that this material has not been previously published. A good focussed contribution to the subject.
Subjects: Sculpture Carvings
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