Ding Fubao & Zhou Yunqing: SIBU ZONGLU YISHU BIAN. (The Art Section of the Sibu Zonglu). Shanghai, 1957. 5, 693-806, 1-79; 80-167, 168-201 folded leaves, Chinese style. Indexes. 28x20 cm. Stitched.
GBP 45.00
Highly useful annotated bibliography of approximately 1,500 titles related to the study of paintings and calligraphy, including catalogues, manuals of calligraphy, biographies, and books on woodcuts. With two indexes. This seems to be a later photocopy-type reprint of the 1957 Shanghai Commercial Press edition. What it lacks in clarity of printing, it makes up for in ease of handling. An important and useful reference. Tsien 2246.
Subjects: Painting Bibliography
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