Dalton, William: THE WOLF-BOY OF CHINA. Or Incidents and Adventures in the Life of Lyu-Payo. London, 1858. vi, 383 pp. 3 b/w fullpage engravings. 18x12 cm. Decorative cloth.
GBP 30.00
A curious item that seems to draw on many threads of the scanty knowledge of China in the mid 19th century and bring them together in this book. Thus the tale starts amidst the foreign enclave of Canton and moves around China at some speed giving various facts and snippets of Chinese life. The story revolves around the life of Lyu-Payo and his adventures which includes life amongst the Miao of Southwest China, bandits, robbers and much else that would appeal to the active imaginations of young boys for whom the work was intended. Slight watermark to the tops of pages. Does not intrude onto engraved images. Second edition. Sensitively refurbished and rebacked preserving as much of the original binding as possible and matching cloth (for supporting new spine). First edition, rare.
Subjects: Folklore Literature
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