CHINESISCH-DEUTSCHER ALMANACH FUR DAS JAHR 1931. Frankfurt, 1931. 90 pp. 8 plates. Frontispiece portrait of Richard Wilhelm. 28x20 cm. Paper.
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This issue of the almanac is devoted to the great German sinologist and student of the Yijing, Richard Wilhelm, and has an eight-page 'Ansprache' by C. G. Jung. Other contributions from: Wilhelm himself, including 'Ausgewahlte Kapitel aus dem Chinishchen Buch der Urkunden'; Ling Tsiu-sen (translating Bo Juyi); Alfred Salmony 'Die Sellung des Jade in der Chinesischen Kunst'; and Erwin Rousselle on Buddhist meditation. An important and collectable issue of this periodical.
Also, as is usual for this publication, sets out the Chinese calendar for the year 1931, with reference to the Yin/Yang hexagrams and other traditional Chinese concepts. In German.
Subjects: Sinology Jade
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