A COLLECTION OF CHINESE RELIGIOUS POSTERS SHOWING SCENES FROM THE LIFE OF JESUS. N.p., (Shanghai?) Early 20th century. 30 colour-printed small posters. 25x16 cm. Loose.
GBP 3,000.00
Presumably for use in missionary schools in China to promote teachings from the Bible, this is an extremely rare survival comprising 30 small colour-printed posters showing various scenes from the Life of Christ through to, and including, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Each poster is subtitled with a succinct description of the scene depicted. Six of the posters have inset vignettes showing Chinese people as part of the biblical scene or associated tales. The remaining 24 depict scenes from Jesus's life and ministry of a purely 'western' nature apart from the chinese subtitles. It is unclear whether this is a complete set or not as we have never seen anything similar before with which to compare. We tend to think this is a set as 30 seems a reasonable number and the scenes range throughout Christ's life and teachings. Undated but, we believe, very early 20th century. Probably printed in Shanghai at the Zikawei press. All text in Chinese. Generally in excellent condition with good colour and just the occasional tear and mark. The first time we have handled such items and, despite much searching, we can find nothing visually similar. Images available on request.
Subjects: Religion
Available, as of: 20/09/2021
Was item 314 in printed List 201.
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