Zhang Zhengming & Shao Xuehai ed: CHANGJIANG LIUYU GUDAI MEISHU (SHIQIAN ZHI DONGHAN) HUIHUA YU DIAOKE. (The Ancient Art of the Yangtze River (Prehistoric to the Eastern Han): Painting and Carving). Wuhan, 2002. 13, 265 pp. Colour plates throughout. 30x22 cm. Cloth.
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Part of a six volume work on archaeological finds from various sites along the length of the Yangtze River from Sichuan to Jiangsu. The objects were excavated at various times from the 1970s-1990s. Concentrates on artefacts dating from the prehistoric to the Eastern Han. This section focuses on painting and carving. Given the age of the objects this means rubbings of tomb reliefs, paintings on silk, and lacquers. Illustrated in good colour plates. Text in Chinese.
Subjects: Archaeology Painting
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