Chang, Willow et al: THE LAST EMPEROR'S COLLECTION. Masterpieces of Painting and Calligraphy from the Liaoning Provincial Museum. New York, 2008. 358 pp. Numerous colour plates (a number of foldouts),a few b/w illustrations. 28x22 cm. Paper.
GBP 70.00
Catalogue of an exhibition at the China Institute of America in New York showing 34 Ming and Qing dynasty paintings and calligraphy from the Liaoning Museum collection which were in the Chinese imperial collection. The paintings and calligraphy are of much interest as they were taken from the Forbidden City by the last emperor, Pu Yi, prior to his expulsion. The journey and fate of these and other works taken from the collection (in particular the earlier and most famous works) is discussed in detail and sheds much light on an obscure chapter in the history of the Chinese imperial collection. There are also essays on the history of the imperial collection, the collecting habits of the Qing emperors and a section on imperial works in American collections. The paintings and calligraphy are all illustrated in colour in their entirety, many with foldout colour plates. Detailed descriptions accompany. Recommended.
Subjects: Painting
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