Christie’s: REFLECTIONS: CHINESE ART INSPIRED BY THE WEST. Hong Kong, 2007. 103 pp. Colour plates throughout. 27x21 cm. Paper.
GBP 30.00
Christie's Hong Kong sale catalogue illustrating and describing 14 fine and interesting examples of Chinese art that show western or, to be precise, non-Chinese influences. Includes 4 lots of superb early Ming (Yongle (3) and one Xuande) blue-and-white ceramics showing Central Asian and/or Iranian influences. There is a Qianlong lacquer box and cover which bears a scene which includes Central Asian figures and the remaining 9 lots illustrate and depict Chinese art with distinct western influences. These include furniture carved with western figures or western decorative designs, Beijing glass with European figures etc. All illustrated in colour and described in much detail.
Subjects: Art
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