Ching, Doris C. Y. ed: VISUALIZING DUNHUANG - 9 VOLUMES. The Lo Archive Photographs of the Mogao and Yulin Caves. Princeton, 2021. 3128 pp. Over 3000 b/w photographic illustrations throughout all volumes. A number of colour plates. Over 350 diagrams and plans. Bibliography, Index-Glossary. 9 vols. 34x25 cm. Cloth.
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The Lo Archive (held at Princeton University) is a vast collection of photographs taken in 1943 and 1944 by James and Lucy Lo at the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang in Gansu province and the Yulin Caves 170 km to the east. It comprises over 3000 black-and-white photographs that provide a most important and detailed visual record of these buddhist cave grottoes and their murals and statuary in their original unrestored condition. It is the most important photographic record of the Dunhuang Caves since Pelliot's expedition photographed them in 1908 - and far more comprehensive. It is also the earliest detailed photographic record of the Yulin Caves.
This large nine-volume work reproduces the large majority of the Archive (2736 of 2857 photographs) and is generally divided by chronological date of the Dunhuang caves. Further photographs show the Yulin caves and photographs of the Expedition and its members. Accompanied by numerous very readable and very interesting essays and other background information about the archive and the expedition to the caves, undertaken at a difficult time. Produced to a very high standard, particularly the photographic reproductions which are of exceptional clarity and, in numerous cases, have an almost 3D quality. An important contribution, indeed, a quite wonderful thing.
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