Chen Yingxia illus: YINGXIA XIN ZHUANG BAI MEI TU. (Illustrations of One Hundred Beauties in Modern Dress Painted by Yingxia). Shanghai, 1924. Title page, 1 page list of illustrations, 2 pp. introductory text and 100 full page b/w lithographic illustrations (50 to each volume). Folded leaves. 22x15 cm. Stitched.
GBP 400.00
A delightful interpretation of an old Chinese theme of illustration - that of 'The Hundred Beauties'. Traditionally, the Hundred Beauties would (unsurprisingly) be in traditional women's attire but here, given the winds of change and modernisation sweeping China following the 1911 Revolution, the ladies are in modern dress. Of further interest is that some of the images are set in western interiors. Many of the pursuits and activities depicted are of a traditional nature but there is a mood of independence and modernity to the images. A total of 100 full page black-and-white lithographic images. Published in Shanghai by the little-known Gonghe Shuju. All text in Chinese. Stitching partly loose on the first volume, otherwise in remarkably good condition. Very rare. We can find no record of this work.
Subjects: Textiles Illustrated Books
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