Chen Zhongkai et al: XI'AN BEILIN BOWUGUAN CANG BEIKE ZONGMU TIYAO. (A Summary of the Collection of Steles in the Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum). Beijing, 2006. 170 pp. 27x38 cm. Boards.
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A tabulated and annotated listing of China's most extensive collection of stone inscriptions, reflecting its holdings as of the end of 2005 and including those inscribed stones in the collection with text (as opposed to those with imagery only). Divided into five parts: Stelae (including stelae with carved line drawings); Funerary inscriptions; Statuary (restricted to sculptures bearing some form of textual inscription); Inscribed renditions of the Chinese Classics; and Items added to the collection in 2005.
Provides an essential reference guide to this collection which is important both for the primary historical material it contains and also for its art historical significance as the repository of record for much of China's finest calligraphy. This work also compliments the monumental publication of actual reproductions of rubbings from the Beilin, in the 200-volume 'Xi'an Beilin Quanji'. In Chinese.
Subjects: Rubbings History
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