Peterson, Willard ed: THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF CHINA VOLUME 9 PART TWO. The Ch'ing Dynasty to 1800: Part Two. The Cambridge History of China. Cambridge, 2016. xv, 830 pp. Bibliography, glossary, index. 23x15 cm. Cloth.
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Sections on: Governing Provinces; Taiwan Prefecture in the 18th Century; The Extension of Qing rule over Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet 1636-1800; Tributary Relations between the Choson and Qing Courts to 1800; The Emergence of the State of Vietnam; Cultural Transfers between Tokugawa Japan and Qing China to 1800; Qing Relations with Maritime Europeans; Catholic Missionaries 1644-1800; Calendrical Learning and Medicine 1600-1800; Daoists 1644-1800 - and more besides. The latest volume in a prime reference on Chinese history. Just published.
Subjects: History
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