Dien, Albert & Knapp, Keith ed: THE CAMBRIDGE HISTORY OF CHINA VOLUME 2. The Six Dynasties 220-589. The Cambridge History of China. Cambridge, 2019. xvii, 5, 897 pp. 3 b/w maps. Bibliography. Index. Numerous figures and tables. 23x15 cm. Cloth.
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A welcome volume covering a confusing and complicated period in Chinese history, the Six Dynasties - from 220-589 AD. The first part of the volume chronologically covers the Northern Dynasties followed by a section on the Southern Dynasties. This historical progression is followed by sections containing essays grouped under the headings: Society and Realia; Culture, Religion and Art. Includes such topics as foreign relations, Buddhism and Daoism, funerary art, religious art, poetry and literature - and much more besides. A welcome and detailed contribution.
Subjects: History
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