China Guardian Auctions: GENGZHI TANG CANG ZHONGGUO SIZHI YISHUPIN ZHUANCHANG. The Geng Zhi Tang Collection of Exquisite Chinese Embroidered Articles: Special Sale. Beijing, 2005. c.100 pp. Colour plates throughout. 27x21 cm. Paper.
GBP 50.00
Auction catalogue for the Beijing sale of the privately-held Taiwan Gengzhi Tang collection of Chinese textiles. The objects range from the Song to the Qing and include textiles, court robes, mandarin squares, embroideries and much more. Estimates in RMB. Captions in English. Main text in Chinese. With list of prices realised in RMB.
Subjects: Textiles
Available, as of: 20/09/2021
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