Chinese Academy of Social Sciences ed: YIN ZHOU JINWEN JICHENG 1-18. (Inscriptions on Bronze Objects from the Yin and Zhou Dynasties). Beijing, 1984. c. 370 pp. per volume. Rubbings of inscriptions throughout. 18 vols. 38x27 cm. Cloth.
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The result of over 20 years of effort, this monumental work reproduces inscriptions on bronze objects dating from the Yin, , Shang, Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods i.e. from about 1300 BC to 300 BC.
The objects shown come from major and lesser museums, research institutions and exhibition halls at excavation sites in China, and from museums and private collections abroad. The inscriptions on each bronze are reproduced in full and in their original size. Each object is described and measured and details are given such as date and place of excavation, provenance, publications (from the Song dynasty onwards) in which the bronze has appeared and its current location. A bibliography is given in each volume. Objects and inscriptions illustrated are of amazing variety and include axes, swords, knives, the ding, jue, zun, chariot fittings, weights, ritual objects, bells, chimes and much more. Whilst some of the objects are famous (the Mao Gong Ding, the Fu Yi Ding) and others are on permanent display in museums, the majority have been seldom, if ever, published and rarely in such comprehensive detail. 12,113 inscriptions are illustrated. In Chinese.
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