Cai Yong: CAI ZHONGLANG JI. (The Complete Works of Cai Yong). Sibu Beiyao, Jibu. Shanghai, n.d. (1930s) Various pagings. 10 juan of the ‘Quanji’ plus his ‘Waiji’ in 4 ce. 4 juan of the ‘Waiji’ plus the ‘Liezhuan’ in 2 ce. 6 vols. 21x14 cm. Cloth, cloth case.
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Sibu Beiyao edition of Cai Yong's works, with its clear pleasing typography and lithographic printing, in very good condition. Cai Yong (133-192) was one of the most prominent scholars and officials of the later Han dynasty, and a prodigious drinker. In Chinese.
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