Beijing Foreign Languages Institute ed: A CHINESE-ENGLISH DICTIONARY. Han Ying Cidian. Beijing, 1981. 31, 976 pp. Indexes, appendixes. 27x20 cm. Cloth.
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This dictionary, affectionately known as the 'Pinyin Dictionary', was the staple reference for a generation of English-speaking students of modern Chinese, and is still useful because of its arrangement by pronunciation. The dictionary has recently been extensively revised in a way which reveals another aspect of its interest as a remarkable document from a particular moment of Chinese history. While a number of ultra-leftist 'bon mots' survive, it is far more difficult to find, in the revision, examples of essential usages, such as (for 'red') 'with a red heart always loyal to the Party', or (for 'sharpen') 'sharpen one's ability to to distinguish between genuine and sham Marxism'. Simplified characters only.
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