BENGYOKU SHU. (On Connoisseurship). Osaka, 1793. 32; 16; 22; 43; 27 folded leaves. B/w line illustrations and reproductions of seal impressions. 5 vols. 25x18 cm. Stitched.
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Originally published in 1672, this is the 1793 edition of an elusive tract on Japanese connoisseurship
Volumes one and two have the running title: 'Gako Insho Insho Bengyoko Shu' and show numerous illustrations of seal impressions in volume one plus a few in volume two. Volumes three to five have the running title: 'Chaki Bengyoko Shu' and have outline illustrations of numerous tea ceremony vessels and utensils. Appears to be a work on the scholarly and literary appreciation of high aspects of Japanese culture - seal carving and impression and the all important tea ceremony. The last page of volume five has a date 'Kansei 5' which equates to 1793.
There is an accompanying letter in French dated 1894 written in Yokohama to Monsieur Delhaye (of the Musee Guimet) describing a stay in Japan and the hunt and despatch of books. The letter emphasises the rarity of this work. It has proven difficult even today to find any reference to this work and few copies are known. Complete in five volumes. Original covers and labels with some loss. Minor worm to the margins of the first few pages of volume four and a few later pages where it intrudes onto the edges of the text. Generally, in fine condition. In Japanese. Not in Kerlen. Not in Mitchell or Brown. Rare.
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