Brown, Roxanna Maude: THE MING GAP AND SHIPWRECK CERAMICS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA. Towards a Chronology of Thai Trade Ware. Bangkok, 2009. 207 pp. Colour illustrations throughout. 24x17 cm. Boards.
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The 'Ming Gap' in the title refers to the period from c.1352-1488 when, due to the curtailment of export ceramics from China (specifically blue-and-white), Southeast Asian ceramics became the dominant export type. Analyses over 120 shipwrecks and provides a chronology of Thai ceramic production, together with discussing issues such as the relationship between Sukothai and Sawankalok kilns, the discovery of exported Burmese celadon wares and the location of Vietnamese production sites for ceramic exports.
Subjects: Ceramics Maritime
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