[Beato, Felice]: HUANGCHENG JIN MENG 1860: FEILISI BIATUO ZHI JINGDIAN ZHONGGUO YINGXIANG. A Golden Dream of the Imperial City 1860: Felice Beato's Classic Images of China. Fuzhou, 2014. 55 pp. Full page b/w plates throughout. Long foldout b/w panorama (18x142 cm). 30x30 cm. Cloth.
GBP 90.00
The photographer, Felice Beato, accompanied the Anglo-French army that entered Beijing in 1860. This work is based on the panorama of the city Beato took from the gate tower of Zhengyangmen located at the southern end of present-day Tian'anmen Square. Illustrates and explains 29 enlarged details of the panorama. The panorama was the very first to be taken of Beijing and is extremely rare and one of the earliest imagees taken within the city. Whilst the details and explanations are themselves fascinating, the chief glory of this work is a foldout reproduction of the entire panorama measuring 18x142 cm. Dual texts in Chinese and English. Out-of-print and hard to obtain.
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