Bartholomew, Terese Tse: HIDDEN MEANINGS. Symbolism in Chinese Art. San Francisco, 2006. 351 pp. Colour plates and illustrations throughout. Bibliography, indexes. 31x24 cm. Cloth.
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Excellent reference work produced, originally, to accompany an exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. This is a well-organized and comprehensive exposition of the imagery used in Chinese art and its (hidden) meanings as expressed in rebuses, conventional symbolism and so on. The entries are classified into sections (wealth, longevity) which are then arranged alphabetically by symbol, with each entry illustrated by a drawing or colour plate of actual artefacts. The book is enhanced by no less than five indexes: an English-language index, a pinyin subject index, a pinyin 'auspicious phrase' index, and two stroke-count character indexes to illustrated material and articles. Recommended. Now out-of-print but there has been a reprint of a limited number in hardback as here.
Subjects: Symbolism and Designs
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