Art Museum, Chinese University HK: JINYAO FENGHUA: MENGDIE XUAN CANG ZHONGGUO GUDAI JIN SHI. Radiant Legacy: Ancient Chinese Gold from the Mengdiexuan Collection. Hong Kong, 2013. 195; 228; 284 pp. Full page colour plates and colour text plates throughout all 3 volumes. 3 vols. 30x22 cm. Cloth.
GBP 750.00
Large three-volume catalogue of an exhibition at the Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong, showing superb ancient Chinese gold artefacts from the privately-held Mengdie Xuan Collection. A total of approximately 300 gold ornaments from China and Eurasia dating from c.1500 BC through to the 17th century AD. Includes an extensive amount of material from the Tang dynasty, a good showing from the Song and Liao periods and finishing with Ming dynasty objects, primarily jewellery. The collection is also notable for the large amount of early gold objects relating to the nomad cultures of the Eurasian steppes. Illustrated throughout with full page colour plates. Dual texts in Chinese and English, including all introductory essays and detailed captions. A notable addition to the literature on the subject. Out-of-print and hard to obtain.
Subjects: Gold
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