Angara, E. & Madrid, C: THE WORLD OF THE MANILA-ACAPULCO GALLEONS. The Global and Human Context. Manila, 2019. xviii, 254 pp. Colour illustrations throughout. 2 foldouts. 31x23 cm. Wrappers.
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A very welcome work that sheds much light on the galleon trade between Manila and Acapulco that flourished under the Spanish from the 16th to 19th centuries. A wealth of information and insight on everything to do with the galleon trade ranging from goods traded, navigation, piracy, the China trade and the arduous journey onboard through to sociological aspects of the trade and the peoples associated with it. Ever fascinating. In twelve chapters: 1. The Dawn of the Age of Transpacific Exchanges; 2. The Eastern and Western Routes of the Galleons; 3. Building and Sailing a Galleon; 4. Galleon Trade Goods and Networks; 5. Manila, Mexico and Lima: Global Trade and Fashion Hubs; 6. Southeast Asia, China, Japan, India and Europe in the Age of Trade; 7. A Microcosm of the Spanish World - To Build and Sail the Galleon; 8. Surfacing Women and Feminized Men; 9. Indio Sailors and Workers of the Galleon; 10. Asian Slaves and Indios Chinos of the Galleon Trade; 11. Mestizaje: Flowering of a Hybrid Culture and Race; 12. The Twilight of an Era (1770-1820). Extremely hard to obtain.
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