Ang See, Teresa et al ed: TSINOY. The Story of the Chinese in Philippine Life. Manila, 2005. 267 pp. Colour and b/w illustrations throughout. 31x23 cm. Boards.
GBP 95.00
Very interesting and enlightening work telling the lengthy history and story of the Chinese who immigrated to the Philippines (mostly from Fujian province) and became a key part of Philippine life. Divided into six chapters: 1. Shared Beginnings: Prehistoric and pre-Hispanic Times; 2. Shared Life - The Spanish Occupation; 3. Shared Destiny - The American Occupation; 4. Shared Misery - The Japanese Occupation; 5. Shared Responsibility - Post-War Economy and Reconstruction; 6. A Past Linked - A Future Shared. Illustrated throughout with a large variety of illustration including old colour engravings and much black-and-white photography. Out-of-print and very hard to obtain.
Subjects: Foreigners in Chinese Abroad
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