Akisato Rito: SHINSEN NIWATSUKURI DEN: TSUKIYAMA SANSHUI ISHIGUMI SONOO YAEGAKI. (Newly Compiled Account of the Creation of Gardens). Osaka, 1894. 31; 33; 22 (this last set is ‘page-numbered’ 1-44) folded leaves. First two volumes illustrated throughout in b/w woodcuts. 3 vols. 23x19 cm. Stitched.
GBP 500.00
Volumes 2-4 of 4. A finely illustrated book on Japanese gardens. Vol. 2, with the character for 'bird' on its book label contains illustrations of the elements of gardening with annotations.; Vol. 3, with the character for 'wind' on its label contains illustrations of complete garden layouts; Vol. 4 is text. In Japanese. Rare. In good condition, with some minor foxing. Priced with respect to the missing volume.
Subjects: Illustrated Books Gardens
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