Aiko Gyoso (Maekawa Bunzo comp.): KAIGAI IBUN. (Strange Information from Overseas). N.p., 1854. Various paginations of folded leaves. 13 double page and 26 single page colour woodblock illustrations. 5 vols. 25x17 cm. Stitched. Wave design to covers.
GBP 1,000.00
The account of 13 Japanese sailors who drifted across the Pacific to the west coast of America in 1841 and who were rescued by a Spanish vessel. They were taken to California and Mexico where they spent the next couple of years before returning to Japan in 1844. The account of their experiences was published in 1854 and attracted much attention on the back of the huge interest in Japan generated by the arrival of the 'Black Ships' of the Perry Expedition. Interesting colour woodblock illustrations. Worming to a number of the volumes, mostly confined to margins but at time intruding on to the edges of the printed area. All text in Japanese. Rare. Hillier pp. 934-5. Toda: p.441.
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