Amateur Dramatic Club of Shanghai: PROGRAMMES FOR PLAYS BY THE AMATEUR DRAMATIC CLUB OF SHANGHAI 1948-1952. Shanghai, 1948-1952. Various paginations. c10 pp. per programme. 8 vols. 25x18 cm. Paper.
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Eight theatre play programmes of performances by the Amateur Dramatic Club of Shanghai undertaken at what was undoubtedly a very challenging time for foreigners in China. Comprises:
1948-1949 Season: 'Fools Rush In'; 1949-1950 Season: 'Volpone' and 'Blithe Spirit'; 1950-1951 Season: 'You Can't Take It With You', 'Talent Unlimited' and 'The Man Who Came to Dinner'; 1951-1952 Season: 'Quiet Weekend' and 'The Gioconda Smile'. Most of the programmes contain pictures of the actors and actresses. The programmes mounted in pairs back-to-back on a piece of brown paper. Rare Shanghai ephemera.
Subjects: Foreigners in Shanghai
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